Welcome to Rebecca's Creations!         

   These handmade dishcloths, potholders, purses, dishtowels, place mats, and coasters are hand crocheted and knitted with 100% cotton yarn. The primitive doilies and embellishments are hand crocheted with size 10 100% cotton thread. The doilies can be used in a primitive home. Please go to my dishcloths pages, coasters pages, potholders pages, dishtowel pages, doilies page, embellishments page, place mats page, and purses pages on the sidebar to view the selection of handmade dishcloths, embellishments, coasters, potholders, dishtowels, doilies, place mats, and purses available. Click on the order info for ordering and shipping infomation.

My products are not intended for children 12 or under.

I having a November Specials right now for the rest of the month of July. Click on the tab that says specials to see what I have up on sale this month.

Handmade Dishcloth prices

Knitted dishcloths:  
  $3.50 per dishcloth

Handmade Coaster prices

Crocheted coasters:  
  $2.50 per set of 4

Handmade Potholder prices

Crocheted potholders:  
  $3.75 per potholder
Knitted potholders:  
  $3.75 per potholder

Handmade Dishtowels prices

Knitted Dishtowels:  
  $6.25 per dishtowel

Placemat prices

Knitted Placemats:  
  $12.00 per placemat

   The colors may not be exact. I do take custom orders of dishcloths, coasters, drawstring purses, potholders, doilies, place mats, dish towels, and embellishments. So please let me know if you want a dishcloth, coaster, potholder, place mat, drawstring purse, doily, embellishment, or knitted dishtowel in a different color and I will try to honor your request. Custom orders will take 3 to 6 weeks to honor your request.


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